Practice Swords

Handmade practice swords suitable for all levels

Please note, colours may vary slightly from illustrationThis product is the subject of Design Right under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988Design Right Proprietor Rachel Ferrie 2009

£22 a set

Colours available: red, orange, yellow, light pink, hot pink, lime, aqua, blue & black

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The hilts are designed to reduce the risk of serious injury from coming into contact with the hilt. Made from a flexible, but durable, plastic the hilt should collapse if you stand on it. Should you come into contact with the hilt during practice, it is simply twisted back into shape. Made from mild steel and painted silver, the blades are approx 37.5" long. Due to our unique design, the practice swords can be laid 1” or 2” high. A set consists of two swords with both hilts the same colour.

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